DLP retains power in Dominica. Two independent candidates to join parliament

A new political cycle in Dominica has begun as the results of the December 6, 2022 General Elections declare that the incumbent, Dominica Labour Party (DLP) has retained its grip on political power with one major gain in the Roseau North constituency.

The ruling DLP emerged with 19 of the 21 seats. Two independent candidates were successful in convincing the voters in the UWP strongholds of the Marigot and Salisbury constituencies that they were the best choice to represent them in the House of Assembly.

In what was perhaps the most peaceful election season in decades in Dominica, and certainly one of the shortest campaigns, polling day passed peacefully as voters cast their votes throughout the island. The DLP fielded a full slate of candidates. Newcomer, Team Unity Dominica (TUD) contested 5 seats, and a record-number of 19 independent candidates offered themselves to the electorate in 15 constituencies.

6 DLP candidates were duly elected at the November 18th Nominations Day.

The Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) Alternative People’s Party (APP) and the United Workers Party (UWP) opted to boycott the elections citing the lack of electoral reform, and condemned the snap election as a sham.

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced the date for general elections in Dominica on November 6.

Team Unity Dominica (TUD) failed to grab any seats in its first rodeo into Dominica’s parliamentary elections.


2022 General Election Results (2022). Available at: http://electoraloffice.gov.dm/2022/?fbclid=IwAR31SGgia6YUF-_z6h2-TaTyfRxducLI8Z_j9BZxucfZJDC_k0ruZGlgXyA (Accessed: 7 December 2022).