I would just like to begin by thanking you for the excellent work you all have put in developing the Legacies of British Slave-ownership project.Below, I have included the text of a message that I am using to try to entice NGOs, public and private entities, and others to support my cause to contribute to the Black awareness in the town where I have found myself in 2020.
Having made great use of your website, I have found quite a bit of information about my ancestors from Dominica and those of us who travelled to the UK during the Windrush era, when I was born in the UK. 

Although this is unsolicited, but I would like to work towards developing an interactive map of Dominica where clicking on the name of an estate could return relevant information for the user. 
I am also desirous of setting up some sort of an organisation to work in tandem with your organisation and others like Slave Voyages to introduce a range of products that I have in mind.

At the moment,  I have come to the end of 4 months of furlough at Tesco where  I have been working as a security guard for the last 14 years, and have been granted a one-year lifestyle break during which I intend to give my full attention to the establishment my goals. 
I am 58 years old now, and the sentiments that I am sharing, have been the bedrock of my character since my teens. 

Therefore, though this medium, I am asking you to consider my suggestions above, or please refer me to any understanding organisations that you may be aware of.  

Anyway, have a great day.

Albert Williams


Albert Williams, Author and systems thinker

This email concerns a request for your intervention in a matter of great social importance for Crawley.


My name is Albert Williams, I have been living in Crawley since 2004, upon my return to the UK after living for 32 years in the West Indies.

I am a former, journalist and published author of three books of poetry, a book of short stories, and a non-fiction book. For the past 14 years, I have been employed as a security guard at Tesco Extra in Hazelwick Avenue. However, during this time, I have earned a BSc. Hons Computing and IT a Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Management. The Postgraduate studies were funded by a student loan which I intend to pay back. I am married to an Afro-American, Tempie, who is also a published author.


Although I have made Crawley my home since 2004, due to the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests worldwide, over the killing of George Floyd in the USA, I realize that my expertise in matters of racial equality, to date, has not been made the best use of.

My wife and I share a wide breadth of talents, and interests including: journalism, publishing, television, music, human rights to name a few. The combination of me, being born of Dominican parents in the UK, of the Wind Rush generation, having lived a substantial part of my life in Dominica and returned and married my American wife, has enriched my own heritage, and both our stories need to be heard.

We believe that it is a great injustice, to first myself, and then to the wider the world, that much of my talent remains under-valued and under-used. Not only could I earn a higher standard of living if my talents were better organised, but the society as a whole would benefit from my input to the current narrative.

Much of our work can be found through Googling ‘Albert and Tempie’ or Ras Albert Williams.

Our raw music can be found here:

You can also find some of our video documentaries at:

In closing, you are welcome to inspect our records at Company’s House of our dissolved television company at

I trust that this email set the tone of the matter that I would like to discuss with you or your assigned representative and that you will join me fighting for justice for people of colour, and to end racial-discrimination now!

Yours truly

Albert Williams