Dr. Erica Joseph, author, counselor, motivational speaker and metaphysician, based in Roseau, Dominica.

Dr. Erica Joseph, author, counselor, motivational speaker and metaphysician, based in Roseau, Dominica, has been working with clients suffering from autism and other neurological ailments for the past 20 years.

Dr. Joseph, who is the founder of the Dr. Erica Joseph Success Company Ltd, is also a strong advocate for children with learning disabilities and as part of her practice, offers personal consultations and as well as vocational training to parents and social workers who may want to be better equipped to understand and intervene should they observe symptoms of the signs of brain damage or impairment such as: dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Signs of improvement

Dr. Joseph in a session with Dervon pictured on the right

Dr. Joseph who from 2005, also designs self-mastery programs, and works from her Holistic- Health Healing-Therapy- Centre, based in Kingshill, has told this writer, that she is seeing remarkable results using her techniques with one of her in-patients.

This year, Dr. Joseph is observing the 4th anniversary of treatment of, 13-year-old, Dervon, one of her in-patient, therapy clients at her Rehab Center who is a long-term sufferer of a severe type of autism which manifests itself as ‘time disorientation’ which affects a person’s ability to focus their attention on a task; unable to fend for themselves generally, and my have persistent bouts of agitation. The condition may also interfere with a sufferer’s ability to recognise, even family members and can even lead to insomnia.

“After 4 years of therapy with Dervon, he is finally holding a crayon in his hands long enough to color a blank page,” she said, commenting on a video she released last week on her social media pages (see below), which shows the youngster intently engaged in the task of drawing with a pencil on a pad. “Dervon’s hands were unable to hold a crayon because of his time disorientation Autism. Today he is holding it,”she remarked.

Dr. Erica Joseph is celebrating Dervon’s 4th year of inpatient-therapy at the Rehab Center.

“Dervon’s hands were unable to hold a crayon

because of his time disorientation Autism.

Today he is holding it.”

Dr. Erica Joseph

Dr. Erica Joseph is a Doctor of Metaphysics, and a Doctor of Divinity Certified under California Laws, in the U.S.A., and the Ministry of Education in Dominica. The foundation is registered in Dominica and is a Non-profit, non-government-aided foundation.

This year, Dr. Joseph is observing the 4th anniversary in the treatment of, 13-year-old, in-patient therapy, client at her Rehab Center.

The journey

“I met Dervon’s mom when I was fundraising in town. I went to her home on a daily basis to provide therapy to him,” Dr. Joseph recounted. “When I first saw him I was terrified, he was hyperactive and had the strength of six men for a child that was only 10 years old,” she said. Dr. Joseph, who is a certified Doctor of Metaphysics, told this writer that prior to her intervention, Dervon was “sequestered in a small space to protect himself from himself and road traffic.” Moreover, she added, “He was also destroying everything in sight. To be honest, I was not sure if anyone could help him, because [his] mother said she tried so many medical doctors, and they could not help him. Also they were afraid of him , and I could not get him to settle down. And also the medication they prescribed for him they still could not get him to sleep.”

That was four years ago. At the time, her office was located opposite the Police Headquarters on Bath Road. On the corner of Boyds Avenue in Roseau, in a neglected, historic, old. wooden, church building belonging to the New Apostolic Church. In 2004, she renovated the building, and since then had offered a wide variety of services to the general public. But the building was demolished by Hurricane Maria in 2017. “Marie damaged the building… and the government acquired the property to build a police station,” Joseph said, adding, that she is now in the process of expanding her center at Kingshill where she is treating her patients.

Funding the brand

Although Dr. Joseph’s success company has been featured regionally, in over 25 Caribbean Islands, and featured on regional 24/7 hour, cable network: Carib Vision, and in such cities as New York and Ontario, and as far as Europe, and the UK, on the Delia Dolor Show, who is a world-acclaimed talk show host, via Choy TV,

Dr Erica Joseph
Dr. Erica Joseph appeared as a guest on the Dolor Factor Show in 2016

running the company and the rehab center, providing for the needs of her patients, paying staff salaries comes at a cost. For example, Joseph said that the cost of the intensive therapeutic treatment she provides to Dervon normally cost XCD$30,000 a year.

Nevertheless, her fundraising team is constantly working behind the scenes, and so far the company has been able to raise some funding from benefactors both in Dominica and overseas.


Dr. Erica Joseph has authored numerous publications explaining her techniques and practice, including:

  • The Power of Your will
  • Breaking the Chains of Fear
  • Your Word is Your Medicine
  • Modus operandi for self-discipline
  • Releasing The Power of Learning in you and your child


  • How to Succeed in your small business


Dr. Joseph also holds online therapy and sessions on holistic health and offers certifications on becoming a Survival Coach among other products and services.

For more information on Dr. Erica Joseph’s Humanitarian Service Foundation, or how you can become a donor, please call + 7672650182 or visit her Gofundme page.


Albert Williams BSc (Hons) Comp & IT (Open), PGD TM (Open), MBCS is a Dominican blogger and author resident in the United Kingdom.

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