With the 2019 general elections successfully executed, amid protests and riots inspired by the United Workers Party (UWP), campaign observers have declared that the elections in Dominica were free and fair. The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) grabbed 18 of the 21 seats leaving the UWP with three.

However, I am appalled that the opposition can say that the elections were rigged but his constituencies that he won were legal. And to add insult to injury, he is calling for fresh elections.

Let us look again at what that Leader of the Opposition (LoO) is saying. He is accusing the government or more specifically the the DLP of stealing the elections. By extension, he is accusing the international observers of lying that the elections were free and fair.

To boot, the elections may have been free and fair, but far from, free from fear.

Leader of the United workers Party, Lennox Linton

The campaign of terror conducted by the UWP for some time now intensified in the days leading up to the elections including protests in the streets, legal attempts to postpone elections, intimidation of public officials and right up to the day before election day were holding law-abiding citizens in Marigot and Salisbury under siege. Persons even lit fires to use smoke to prevent aeroplanes from using the airport. Consequently, this caused American and Canadian authorities to issue travel advisories to Dominica. Moreover, this caused many in the tourism industry including the list of revenue to the state.

And the man has the balls to call for fresh elections?

His party and the citizens group and others should be the subject of a commission of inquiry into the troubles in Roseau and the defamation of the prime minister and the bringing of the name of the country into repute.

Remember one said that if it can be proven that the elections were stolen what they would do.

Having said this, I support whatever action the Prime Minister decides. He does not want his legacy to be sullied any more than it is. So he is walking a tight rope. He is a consummate politician. A smooth operator. And history will vindicate him.

Opposition invitation

Conversely, Prime Minister Dr. Skerrit, announced in his victory speech on DBS Radio on Friday night, when the results of the General Elections indicated that the DLP had won 18 of the 21 constituency seats and that he would form the next government, he disclosed that he would invite the Leader of the opposition for talks on the way forward for Dominica’s development. He has also gone on record as saying, during his swearing-in ceremony on Saturday at the state house, that he will create a commission of partners in the hemisphere to help us address the question of electoral reform.

Dominica held General Elections last Friday, December 6, and in a landslide result, the incumbent, Dominica Labour Party led by Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit was returned to office for the 5th consecutive term.

Past elections

The Dominica Labour Party entered into a coalition with the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) in January 31st General Elections in 2000 when the DLP won 10 seats and the DFP 2, ousting the UWP who won 9 seats. Under Roosevelt Skerrit, the DLP has enjoyed electoral success at the polls winning the 2005, 2009, 2014 and now,the 2019 elections.

Prime Minister Skerrit will announce the structure of his new cabinet Next Tuesday December 17th.


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