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Since the explosion of web 2.0 blogging has become big business. Vlogging and/or blogging has catapulted some very young entrepreneurs to international fame and loads of cash.

From topics as different as international travel, to medicine, to technology, everyone is getting in on that cyber wagon. Yesterday, I launched my technology blog, which features some of my past assignments that were were written during the pursuance of my degree.

It is my intention to write on a variety of topics in computing and information technology. Mainly those topics of which I have some authority in such as computing and human interaction design, information security and mobile technology.

Managing technological innovation

Meanwhile, my postgraduate studies, in Technology Management, is providing me with a lot more ideas and scope over a new set of topics and issues. My current module is, managing technological innovation. This is a lot more involved than the title suggests.

For Instance, we can speak of landmark innovations, or process innovation or even, product and/ or marketing innovation.We can go onto speak about eco-innovation or sectoral innovation systems and so on.

I am really looking forward to my newest literary/ journalistic challenge. I aim to write a serious piece once a month in the first instance. And I may occasional give my comments on a current news story in the news, or something that has crossed my mind and want to share it with you.

So sign up to receive my blog in your email. Feel free to engage me with your comments and questions. How exciting it is that you could be with me at the very birth of this mind-child.of mine.

20 top UK based technology blogs

To give us something to consider, check out this article on the 20 best technology blogs in the UK. This list will give you a sample of what a technology blog should look like.

So until next time, enjoy.

Ras Albert Williams

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  1. ALBERTWILLIAMS.TECH.BLOG… Mr. Tech Guy… Everything is substantially uplifting. You know I am a Financial Person…and when the time comes..I love this idea from your article here of the 20 Example Blogs,

    ” The Financial Times Tech Hub
    The Financial Times’ ‘Tech Hub’ blog covers the latest finanace-orientated technological developments and news and serves as a great resource for keeping informed about how technology is affecting the financial world more generally.


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