Warner is a village in the south-West of Dominica, in the Parish of St. Paul, and has a population of about 515 residents, and was formerly the site of an ancient, Pre-Columbian era, village of the indigenous Kalinago people of Waitukubuli before the arrival of Europeans.

The village gets its name from an 18th-century, absentee slave owner, a British planter, Charles Warner of Antigua. who came from a dynasty of plantation owners. According to Dominica historian, Lennox Honychurch, “Charles Warner who was a descendant of Thomas Carib Warner, purchased properties in several parishes such as St David, St Andrew, and St Paul, but his main Estate was named Warner,” adding, “On that plantation, he produced sugar, rum, molasses, and coffee.” Charles Warner, born in 1805, was the only son of Col. Edward Warner.

According to The Centre for the Study of the Legacies of British Slavery, Colonel Edward Warner, was an unsuccessful claimant for £2104 5s 5d for the loss of slave labour on the Hatton Garden Estate as compensation in 1837 for the loss of 127 enslaved. Colonel Edward Warner, formerly of the 26th Regiment, died in prison, aged 74, “having been an inmate of the prison since the 22d of February 1848, when he was received on account of a debt”.

Meanwhile, Joseph Warner (1717–1801), relationship unclear, was a British surgeon and plantation owner in Dominica. He was the first to tie the common carotid artery, an operation he performed in 1775.

Warner is situated nearby to Mt Joy, and southwest of Glasham. Attractions nearby include, the Warner River, Morne Negres Marrons, the Charles Warner Trail, and the Charles Warner ‘Secret Pool’

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