TWO WEEKS MISSING | Search for Kernisha continues

Kernisha Etienne of Warner

The abduction of 12-year-old, Kernisha Etienne of Warner is one of the most high-profile, missing -person cases to come to the attention of the general public in Dominica and has been reported across the Caribbean far as Barbados, Antigua, Montserrat, the Virgin Islands and Jamaica.

Up until press time, Kernisha had not been found.

Below is a brief outline of some of the efforts that have taken place to bring kidnapper, Kian Alexander to justice, and to find the missing child, Kernisha Etienne.

Tuesday, June 7

  • Kernisha was abducted on the night of June 7, from her home by 31-year-old, Kian Alexander following a cutlass attack on the person of Laurent Bruno, who was the suspect’s uncle, before taking Kernisha hostage and disappearing into the nearby bushes.
  • The Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CDPF) commences a Search and Rescue operation to apprehend the suspect, Kian Alexander, and to rescue 12-year-old, Kenisha Etienne.

Wednesday, June 8

  • A massive search was launched for the kidnapper and his hostage with over 100 police officers were pressed into service with hundreds of volunteers from all over Dominica.
  • The (CDPF) sought the assistance of the general public, more specifically the people residing in the Warner and Belles area, in finding 12-year-old Kernisha Etienne who was abducted from her home at Warner last evening.
  • In a statement to the media, Assistant Superintendent in charge of the Southern Division, Leana Edwards, reported that on Tuesday 7, June, 2022, at about 11:30 p.m. Etienne was abducted by “suspected lunatic”, Kian Alexander, a male adult of Belles.
  • Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit issues a voice note on the abduction of Kernisha Etienne of Warner, from Los Angeles, California where he is attending the IX Summit of the Americas.
  • Based on a request from the Government of Dominica, the French Government has provided a helicopter and a k-9 unit to aid in the search and rescue efforts.
  • Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore – Minister For National Security & Parliamentary Representative of Mahaut/Warner Constituency, and Hon. Dr. Adis King – Minister for Youth Development and Empowerment, Youth at Risk, Gender Affairs, Seniors Security, and Dominicans with Disabilities release statements on the kidnap of Kernisha Etienne.

Thursday, June 9

  • The now, massive police and civilian search and rescue operation for a 12-year-old girl abducted by a man said of ‘unsound mind’ runs into 2nd day.
  • At a press briefing at the Office of Disaster Management (ODM) headquarters, the Commonwealth of Dominica Police solicits the assistance of the general public, more specifically the people residing in the Warner and Belles area, in finding 12-year-old Kernisha Etienne who was abducted from her home at Warner on Tuesday 7th June, 2022 at about 11:30 PM.

Friday, June 10

  • Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit was briefed by the police at the Command Center in Warner upon his return to Dominica from the Ninth Summit of the Americas in California and asked all able-bodied public officers willing to join the effort to report on this matter.
  • Education Minister Hon. Octavia Alfred makes a statement on the Abduction of Kernisha Etienne in which she announced that her ministry will continue to provide psycho-social support and counseling to the staff, students, and parents of the Warner Primary School and to the members of the community at large.

Saturday, June 11

  • An appeal to Kian Alexander to surrender himself and allow the child to return to her family was issued by the Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Lincoln Corbette at a press conference at the Command Centre in Warner.
  • A discovery of clothes that may have belonged to the alleged kidnapper was found, but no sign of the missing child, nor of Kian Alexander.

Sunday, June 12

  • The Catholic Community held Prayer Service for Kernisha Etienne at the Warner Chapel.

Monday, June 13

  • Education Minister Octavia Alfred has announced that the government will continue to provide psychosocial help to the staff and students of the Warner Primary School following the abduction of Kernisha Etienne, a student of that learning institution.
  • The Annual Feast of St. Anthony is celebrated in Toucari and Cottage. St Anthony patron saint of lost people and lost things. The sermon is based on Luke, Chapter 10: and missing Kernisha Etienne.

Tuesday, June 14

  • Tuesday, June 14, marked one week, 7 days, (168 hours) since Kernisha’s abduction.

Wednesday, June 15

  • Prime Minister calls on citizens to focus on the safe return of Kernisha and not be sidetracked by misleading Information.

Thursday, June 16

  • Our walk with the Clergy hosts a pilgrimage from Warner at 6:00am and ends at the Blessed Peter Donders Chapel in Belles. Church faithful led by Catholic clergymen, walk from Pont Casse to Belles.
  • Following ten days of largely a clueless search, Alexander was spotted by citizens “ on the West coast of the island,” But despite the efforts of the citizens to attempt to apprehend him, he manages to escape. The abducted child was not with him.

Friday, June 17

  • The search and rescue operation continues

Saturday, June 18

  • Kian Alexander, wanted by police for questioning on attempted murder and charges, was cornered in Clark Hall, Layou area.
  • According to the Deputy, Police Chief, Lincoln Corbette, at about 3:15 pm on the 18th of June, 2022, while searching in the Brookhill Estate, a police patrol team encountered Kian armed with a cutlass about three feet long. The police attempted to apprehend him, when he charged at the police with the cutlass. Alexander was shot and died from his injuries. Corbette said, “During that time, he said certain things to the police as to the possible whereabouts of Kernisha Etienne.” Kernisha was not with him and remains missing.
  • The Girl Guides Association of Dominica, parents, and supporters walk the street of Roseau to raise awareness of the prevalence of sexual abuse of children in society.

Sunday, June 19

  • Statement by Deputy Commissioner of Police in Dominica, Lincoln Corbette on the capture, and subsequent demise of the wanted man, Kian Alexander. Issued, on the evening of June 18, 2022.

Monday, June 20

  • Police intensify the search in Warner for missing Kernisha based on Alexander’s alledged dying declaration.

Tuesday, June 21

  • Today marks two weeks, or 14 days, (336 hours) since the abduction of 12-year-old, Kernisha Etienne of Warner.


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  1. Albert Williams Reporting, much thanks for Keeping this now,two week, story, updated on your blog.
    Trusted from official sources and
    Re-assuring with gathered facts.
    I am continuing to pray for this still missing,12 yr old girl, Kernisha Etienne, to be returned home alive and safe. Tempie Williams. Amen


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