Imminent deportation of UK-born twins to different countries is a threat to the human right of every individual

Dear Mr. Editor
I bring to your attention the threat to human rights of all individuals as posed in the recent news that two twins, born of West Indian parentage in this country, and are imminently threatened with deportation to Grenada and Dominica.

This smarts of white-privilege and reeks of the residual colonialism that continues to suppress, equal rights for minorities.

This story is very personal for me, because, I too was born of Dominican parentage in the UK. In 1972, and was a product of the care system, when my father, Victor Williams a former, RAOC, who had killed his wife, our mother, and was released from Broadmore Hospital, he was deported to Dominica, along with his four children , including myself as the oldest.

I returned to the UK, 32 years later, and picked up my British citizenship from there. But the case of Darrell and Darren Roberts, (24) has prompted me to ask whether my own human rights were violated.

When the immigration will prepare their passports for deportation, what will be on their place of birth?

This cannot be allowed to continue unchecked as it threatens a basic human right

I await eagerly for updates on this very sad story. Should you require any further details on my own struggle for equality, please feel free to contact me.

My wife, who is an Afro-American, and also a published author and I, are very hopeful that the present debate over Black Lives Matter will lead to humanity reaching its highest realms when we step over that chasm and crush the notion of ‘white supremacy’ for good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my remarks


Albert Williams
Dread, poet and author


UK-born twins face deportation to different countries

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