DAY 4 | Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit to hold a press briefing at the Command Centre in Warner at 11: 30 a.m today

Bring Kernisha Home!

Day 3 of the search for 12-year-old, Kernisha Etienne of Warner found possible sighting of clothes that may have belonged to the alleged kidnapper, according to Dominica Breaking News, but no sign of the missing child, nor of Kian Alexander.

Prime Minister, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit to hold a press briefing at the Command Centre in Warner at 11: 30 a.m today

A massive search and rescue operation is expected to resume for its 4th day in the sleepy village of Warner, in the parish of St Paul, and the wider southwest area of the Caribbean island known as the Garden of Eden, otherwise known by its official name, the Commonwealth of Dominica.

One volunteer, Wengert Williams from Marigot on social media said, “A very hard day at the office. Mainly searching every nook and corner from the crime scene in a south-westerly direction. Twilight reconnaissance in another area gave meaningful insight for tomorrow. Details unavailable for now.” In a further update this morning, Williams informed Albert Williams Reporting, “No teams to be sent out today. We are on standby for today and tomorrow if circumstances change.”

The Assistant Superintendent in charge of the Southern Division, of the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force (CDPF), Leana Edwards, in a statement reported by Dominica News Online, on Tuesday 7, June, 2022, disclosed that at about 11:30 p.m. that a 12-year-old girl, Kernisha Etienne was abducted by a “suspected lunatic”, named one Kian Alexander, a male adult of the village of Belles.”

According to the online newspaper, prior to the abduction of the child, Alexander is said to have gone to the “home of his uncle, Laurent Joseph Bruno, and attacked him with a cutlass inflicting serious wounds to his head and face. Thereafter, he abducted 12-year-old Kernisha Etienne, the adopted daughter of Laurent Joseph Bruno, and disappeared with her into the bushes of Warner. Laurent Joseph Bruno was transported in a conscious state to the Dominica China Friendship Hospital (DCFH) for medical attention,” the media outlet reported.

Extraordinary images from Warner, Dominica, for the 3rd day, as search for Kernisha Etienne and her abductor intensifies

Missing, 12-year-old, Kernisha Etienne

Bring Kernisha Home!

However, with the widespread search expected to resume for the 4th day, frustrations are understandably beginning to rise, as despite the best efforts of hundreds of police and volunteers; the deployment of helicopters, drones, and sniffer dogs, questions remain as to how a man of unstable mind is able to evade capture for 3 days while being on the run with a 12-year-old school girl.

Questions as to his motive for the kidnap of the child, and the even more urgent question, of where is the fugitive and his hostage now, are obviously on the minds of every Dominican, and many more concerns I am sure. It is unclear at what stage the police investigation is. Are there persons of interest that should be assisting the police with their investigation, for example. Yesterday, I issued an appeal for the safe return of the girl by Kian Alexander, and I think that his mother and the police should do so as well.

We must hold on to the thought that both he and the young girl are still alive, and that he is lying low somewhere either in the bush or in a location in the surrounding built-up areas. I imagine that surveillance at all ports of entry (and possible getaway points) are beefed up, the coast guard activated and wanted posters circulated in neighboring Caribbean islands. He may have accomplices. Nevertheless, Let us remain hopeful that our questions and prayers will be answered sooner than later to bring a close to this appalling crime, that the perpetrator be brought to justice, and Kernisha returned to her family. We pray also that Kernisha’s adopted father has a speedy recovery, and that he too could shed more light on this whole unhappy affair.

PM Skerrit briefed

Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit at Command Centre

Late Thursday night, Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, who on Wednesday turned 50, cut short his attendance of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles, California which was scheduled to run from June 6-10, headed straight for the Command Centre at Warner, where he was briefed of the ongoing search and rescue operation. in his remarks at a press conference, he thanked the assistance of Government of the French republic and the Ambassador resident in St Lucia and his staff, as well as the Prefecture of Martinique “for responding to our request for assistance in the search and rescue of our young lady, Miss Etienne. The French as you know,” he said, “ have provided us with a helicopter, and we’ve have made a second request to them this afternoon for the provision of sniffer dogs.” Prime minister Skerrit said that he would personally oversee the search and rescue operation adding, “I will ensure that the police have all the resources. That there is no red-tape between the making request and making available the resources the police will come directly to me for these resources,through the deputy and Chief of Police to ensure that they all what they need to carry out this operation,” he said. Furthermore, he urged all able-bodied public servants who wished to assist the search should do so. “I have asked all able-bodied public officers willing to join the effort to report on this matter.” he said.

Meanwhile, Minister Blackmore in his comments praised the efforts of the media in circulating images of the the alleged kidnapper and the medical personnel on hand, “we also want to commend the medical team. For the past two days I saw people coming in with lacerations etc being attended to immediately. I think with the intention of having a command Centre, there is tremendous merit in that. And I think that that in its self demonstrates the amount of commitment that the police and the state as far as a response is concerned,” he said.

Meanwhile, the CDPF has released a Wanted by the CDPF leaflet stating that Kian Alexander is wanted for the Offences of Attempted murder and kidnapping, noting that “he is considered armed and dangerous. The CDPF request anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the said Alexander to call 911, the CID or Crime Stoppers


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