THE LAST PAGE | Saying goodbye to librarian and author, Judith Baptiste…

I’ll always remember Mrs. Baptiste as the face of the public library until she retired. From as far as I can remember, as a frequent user of the public library, a practice that stayed with me all the years I lived in Dominica, I recall Mrs. Baptiste as a very warm and cheerful Library Assistant of that venerable institution.

TWO WEEKS MISSING | Search for Kernisha continues

The abduction of 12-year-old, Kernisha Etienne of Warner is one of the most high-profile missing person cases to come to the attention of the general public in Dominica and was reported as far as Antigua and the Virgin Islands.

A case of a missing person, 20 years ago.

Shrouded in mystery from the start, it was the New Chronicle that broke the news to the nation, one month from October 16th, 2001, in a front-page lead ‘Where is Albert…? In which the paper reported that an associate of Joseph with whom he used to accompany in the early morning fishing in the vicinity of the Roseau Fishing Complex, told the police that he had seen something fall into the sea around


Warner is a village in the south-West of Dominica, in the Parish of St. Paul, and has a population of … More